2. Light and Bright {Kitchen Remodel}

Does your kitchen make you feel like eating out? It may be time to get your kitchen into shape!                   In this project we focused on expanding storage and lighting. The existing kitchen was given a much needed new floor plan with additional cabinets and lighting. We found places to use the existing cabinetry and added to it with a matching set. The LED lighting cleaned up the ceiling clutter of old, inefficient lighting and now helps to define the kitchen as a stand alone room. The soffits were removed. The walls were then covered in a natural plaster infused with Muscovite to add a natural glimmer while hiding previous imperfections.     Then end result is a happy household with a great looking and functioning kitchen for their new home! Call/Text 503.481.4365design@dioxua.comLicensed/Bonded/Insured CCB# 193165