5. Nine Pillar Hall {Garage Remodel}

Once upon a time long ago in a basement far, far way there was another room in a house that wasn't being utilized to its fullest potential or style. It shape shifted over and over but never felt quite right. After years of watching the garage slowly wither and recede it was decided to end the suffering of the garage. Everyone knew it was time to change. A gaming room like no other, Nine Pillar Hall.  An EPIC game room was the result of 3 weeks of collaboration and working side by side with the owners. Everyday became an adventure into a magical resurrection that brought forth many interesting things to an otherwise boring room.

  • Recessed and lit map boards,
  • Illuminated shelving for miniatures, 
  • Cork flooring to prevent cold feet,
  • SkimStone bar and entry for easy low maintenance cleanup,
  • Game closet shimmering in gold with it's own lighting,
  • Replaced cold and drafty garage door with gorgeous Anderson slider doors we scored on Craigslist,
  • Modified a bar we also found on Craigslist,
  • Cedar walls add a lot of character and keep noise reverberation at a minimum,
  • Natural dark lime plastered walls with gold flecks of vermiculite keep the room feeling stately and fantastic,
  • We even made our own table from the owner's own prototype!

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