6. Wabi-Sabi {Kitchen Remodel}

A Portland original built over 120 years ago!  This tastefully remodeled kitchen was designed and built by architectural artisan, Dioxua, in Portland Oregon. 

  • Underneath years of neglected plaster and grimy wallpaper the original lathe was reborn with a more glamorous purpose. Sanded, oiled, and waxed, the lathe reinvigorates the space with its natural golden color palette dotted with old nail heads.
  • The concrete countertops were poured in place in order to mold to the characteristics of the 119-year-old house. Two types of cement were used and then carefully troweled together to create an interesting color ensemble and smooth, hand-finished texture.
  • Earthen floors are made from environmentally friendly materials that are plentiful and cheap. Mixed onsite, the floors act as a thermal heat battery for the radiant floor heating. The natural variation of cob flooring is extremely comfortable to walk on and the water resistant top layers are durable mix of beeswax and linseed oil.  
  • By removing the existing ceiling and non structural joists a lighter more airy kitchen feels much larger. Adding a small skylight reduces the need for electrical lighting.