Train Museum {conceptual model and drawings}

The model embodies the industrial crossroads's essence while also showing relevant landmarks and grade changes. My concept for a new train restoration/museum for Union Pacific: Beauty is forever dynamic and changing. To attempt to capture it through aesthetics alone is but a moment that will be passed quickly. The true test is only understood through the passing of time.Trains are considered to be beautiful machines, but they were not made to be this way. They are a complex series of assemblies and details. They reek of engineered function in order to complete a common task, to go. Their beauty resides within their accomplishments and synchronicity.If trains were never able to haul a load or if they broke down every 100 miles would they be as beautiful? My approach to building architecture for these trains is similar to the approach of the train itself. My train house is a series of assemblies and details that are housed together in order to accomplish a common goal, to house and showcase. Within the perimeters of the structure one must contend with the site, program, atmosphere, codes, comfort, and in put it all into one large stationary vessel. In the end, to be successful, the structure must have created something that can be deemed beautiful in the same way the train is seen.