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Click on any image to see more photos of that project!

CCB# 193165

Garden Gazing Lounge {Design + Build}

In this one-of-a-kind structure Dioxua enables the view of this spectacular garden to reach its fullest potential. The steel framed structure cantilevers out to support the beautifully proportioned roof. Blue frosted acrylic panels and yellow cedar enhance the feeling of seclusion while allowing natural light to gleam onto the tiger wood decking. After sunset the garden lounge illuminates softly with brilliant yellows and blues, continuing the magical atmosphere even after dark.  

Zen Garden {Design +Build}

The Zen Garden is a continuation of the hot tub house completed by Dioxua just a few months prior. A water garden brings the serene sound of trickling water while you relax in the tub. The mounds and valleys in the rain garden include a variety of plants that will bring pops of color and interesting foliage all season long.

Sultry Oasis{Hot Tub House}

Don't limit yourself to prefab kits that won't fit your space. A custom design may not be as much as you think! The team at Dioxua can design and build the addition you are looking for. Whether you want a custom hot tub house, detatched office or a  well thought out home, we can helpThe first step is only a phone call away. Make an appointment today! (503)481-4365PREVIOUS | NEXT

0. Modern Cedar {side fence and gates}

This one-of-a-kind fence was made to accentuate the horizontal lines of a mid-century ranch home and subtly safeguard against a formerly escaping pet.PREVIOUS | NEXT

1. Resurrection 1616 {Complete Renovation}

Here, we have a start to finish remodel of a small Victorian house built in 1891. The 10' ceilings were knocked out and a loft space was built in the formerly inaccessible attic. The entry area was left open to create a very grand room in a tiny 740 sf house. Clay on the walls encapsulates decades worth of neglect and lead based paints without having to worry about abatement costs. Lathe becomes a finished product when the plaster crumbles off. The slats become a permeable connection between two rooms while maintaining full structural integrity of a load bearing wall.

2. Light and Bright {Kitchen Remodel}

Does your kitchen make you feel like eating out? It may be time to get your kitchen into shape!                  

3. Fosler Sanctuary {Kitchen Remodel}

Why should you have to settle for the kitchen that your house came with? For 15 years these homeowners found ways to avoid the comfort they longed for. But with cork floors, clay walls, Ikea cabinets, and a few room modifications Dioxua made this the kitchen they always wanted.  PREVIOUS | NEXT

4. SkimStone {Compilation of Works}

Do you want to go over concrete, tile, plywood, vinyl or any other stable substrate? SkimStone may be the answer for your situation indoors or out! It can save you money by not having to do costly demolition work and it is often cheaper than many other finishes.  For more information visit www.skimstone.com or contact Dioxua today!

5. Nine Pillar Hall {Garage Remodel}

Once upon a time long ago in a basement far, far way there was another room in a house that wasn't being utilized to its fullest potential or style. It shape shifted over and over but never felt quite right. After years of watching the garage slowly wither and recede it was decided to end the suffering of the garage. Everyone knew it was time to change. A gaming room like no other, Nine Pillar Hall. 

6. Wabi-Sabi {Kitchen Remodel}

A Portland original built over 120 years ago!  This tastefully remodeled kitchen was designed and built by architectural artisan, Dioxua, in Portland Oregon. 

7. Backyard Threshold {Shed, Fence, Arbor}

This multifunctional modern shed is surprisingly simple. The entry doors double as lockable sliding gates, keeping the backyard and the shed contents secure. Behind the back wall is an out of the way garbage corral with its own over-sized sliding door for ease of access. An arbor extends beyond the roof’s edge and continues over the existing deck to provide some rain protection and opportunity for future shade cover. Landscape lighting elegantly adds the night time play of light and shadow across the wooden slats while providing ambient lighting to the entire backyard.

8. Gothic Cedar {Picket Fence}

After a collaborative design session with the owners Dioxua helped make an idea into a reality! Each picket was meticulously cut and tapered into shape. The reused doorway defines the boundary into a lush victory garden.

9. Elegance with Mud {Earthen Floor}

A radiant heated floor is covered in natural cob material to create a luxurious and comfortable floor. The cob was gathered locally, mixed on-site and sealed with oil and wax. There is nothing like the feel of the natural contours and warmth from an earthen floor to make your home and feet more comfortable!If you want a unique flooring solution that is eco-friendly and feels great to stand on, an earthen floor may be exactly what you need. This type of floor can be finished in numerous colors made from natural pigments.