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9. Magnum Opus: {Landscaping and Fence}

Both the cedar fence, and the curving berm sculpt a welcoming threshold while providing a connection between the parking lot and the entrance of Magnum Opus, a local hair salon in the Pearl.PREVIOUS | NEXT

9. Noe House {Outdoor Room}

Using salvaged windows from an old industrial warehouse to set the tone, the outdoor room satisfies the need to secure small pets, guard an entrance, and still remain welcoming and friendly.PREVIOUS | NEXT

Balancing Boundries {Fencing + Fun}

Here is a fence your neighbors will love you for! This playful design was created to keep the bad side of the fence out of the picture completely. The final result is nearly identical to the drawing that was created beforehand.  For your next project that needs special care and attention call Dioxua LLC!  (503)481-4365 

Cascading Cedar {Multi-Level Fence}

Sometimes the specifics of a site can be challenging. Don’t give up! Dioxua can help you turn a difficult situation into a unique opportunity. In this case the steep slope and placement of the garden provided an occasion to break from the typical linear layout. The bend in the fence-line corresponds with the existing garden beds while the slope reflects within the joints of the panels.  

Compact Luxury {Bathroom Remodel}

Do you want a new style but lack the space? Let Dioxua help you maximize what’s already there!  By forgoing with the traditional tub it has allowed this couple to have a much more spacious shower room. To keep the compact space from becoming visually constraining, lighting was added under a suspended cabinet and clear glass was used as the rain shower enclosure.PREVIOUS | NEXT

D-twenty Games {Commercial Remodel}

D-twenty Games is where fantasy is forged through creative storytelling and interactive gaming. Within its dungeon-like setting you can escape to a world as far as your imagination can take you all while maintaining the comforts of delicious hand prepared foods and snacks.Whether your space needs walls that look like stone or doorways with gothic arches, Dioxua can help you!  

Dumpster Diving a Floor {Travertine Tile}

Discarded and broken travertine tiles were salvaged from an inner city dumpster and cut into strips. The result is a beautiful mosaic of stone with an old world feeling.

Earthen Oven {workshop event Puerto Rico}

Partnered with Scott Howard at Earthen Hand to travel to Puerto Rico in order to unite communities and teach how to construct an earthen oven. Working with the earth is safe, fun, and non toxic so anyone from any age can join in! Residents from all over the island came together for a two day, hands-on workshop.They learned how to test their test their soil, mix cob, create straw insulation, make and apply their very own earthen plasters in a fun artistic way.

Ebb + Flow Boat Dock {Conceptual Model}

The boat dock is intended to be used by the PSU row team for docking and storage. The submerged portion includes layered skylights allowing a diverse level of natural light into the underwater meeting rooms. The sculptural interpretation of the Willamette River. The gentle currents and harsh industrial history merge to create a visual story along the shores.

Experimenting with Elements

To better understand what something can do one must experiment to see where it will end up. Copper is receptive to many different elements; each one changes it in its own way.


Fireplace Facelift {Adobe and Lime Plaster}

 Do you want to give your space an architectural focal point?  This fireplace was given a Southwestern inspired makeover using natural elements. The soft lines and increased thickness give this fireplace a much more cozy and comfortable feeling. The added lights adjust and dim to lend warmth to any personal items that may be showcased.PREVIOUS | NEXT

Fireplace Makeover {Lime plaster and LED lights}

Dioxua made this transformation from a dated smokey fireplace into a beautifully modern and clean burning centerpiece. New trim and mantle with dimmable LED lights add a luxurious atmosphere even without the alcohol burning fireplace being lit. A natural lime plaster adds an organic texture that gives layers of depth with the play of light and shadow.

Ghostwriter {Art Project}

This plaster and acrylic abstract embodies the energy and emotion of being a writer. A fictitious font represents the beauty and form of a word without the limitation of meaning.PREVIOUS | NEXT

Grids + Rainbows {Paver Patio}

A new patio doesn't have to break your budget! Phase 1 of a major backyard makeover. This patio is arranged and sized specifically to the table set for outdoor entertaining. Inexpensive pavers are gridded and surrounded with crushed rock and rainbow stone.