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Junk to Funk Fashion Show {Set Design/Build}

The 2009 Junk to Funk Fashion Show was held at Crystal Ballroom and hosted by Portland's mayor Sam Adams. In keeping with ideals of the show, the set design was made to be reused and recycled with minimal waste. Salvaged Styrofoam blocks were pulled from waste sites and properly recycled after the show.

Mallory {Retaining Wall and Fence}

Stepped terracing provides a more welcoming approach and also increases a buffer zone between pedestrians and fenced pets. Two unique trellises provide great places for climbing plants to define the entrances. 

Mixed Use 4-story Building {Conceptual Model}

A 4-story mixed use space sited in downtown PDX. The glass scales are operable allowing for natural ventilation and lighting. The tall curved roof allows for optimal usage of photovoltaics and artistic liberty. The off-street access allows for discrete, exclusive entry. 

Movie Room Lighting {Functional Art}

An LED night light made from used house siding and scrap metal. A new use for old things in an artistic and functional way. Landfills contain as much as 75% of construction and deconstruction debris. The obvious need to reduce and reuse is embodied here. 

Noe House {Front Fence}

A low maintenance and pedestrian safe setback of moss and river rock replaces an abandoned wall of roses. The cedar fence and trellis were carefully proportioned to match the gentle slope of the yard. A duel sliding gate accommodates the driveway's limited space and grade without creating gaps for small pets to escape.

Noe House {Path and Deck}

A flagstone pathway now defines the progression to this backyard oasis. The continuity of reused windows from the side-yard to the backyard connects the two spaces. Here they act as a privacy screen and can be opened to redirect a breeze across the hot tub. A composite deck was sized to reduce waste cutting. Roof runoff was rerouted away from the city sewer into an underground drainage field.

Reflections and Light {Repurposed Doors}

Located in Portland’s trendy Pearl District, these commercial changing rooms are upgraded with repurposed doors, Dioxua style!  The distressed doors are now hanging mirrors that are backlit for ambient light.  

Seeing Sounds {Art Project}

This 17 layered chipboard relief is based off of classical music composition "The Protecting Veil". The strong beat of the 4/4 timing has an overlay of soothing horns and a section of piercing strings as well. 

Small Home w/ Loft {Earthbag Construction}

Project designed and managed by Scott Howard at Earthen Hand.  Bring your community together with workshops and share the beauty of working with local, non-toxic materials. Let our years of experience guide you through the process to create the space you have always dreamed of.

Textural Fence {Pocket Gate Modern}

This one of a kind fence is an eclectic mix that nods to both of the pre-existing modern and traditional architectural styles. The fence has a very unique placement at the end of a cul-de-sac. It needs to act as a front, side, and backyard fence all in one line. The staggered horizontal boards reflect the brick texture while the sleek black keeps the fence quiet within the context of the yard.  Rolling gates recede into an illuminated pocket fence, giving a layered effect while it transitions into something taller and more solid for extra privacy.

Textures of Clay {walls, ceilings, and floors}

Clay is great for you and the planet! I have personally found clay to be great at fixing dilapidated finishes on walls, ceilings, and floors. Clay can be mixed with materials locally from the site or bought cheaply from local suppliers. Pigments are added with colors found naturally from around the US. Bryce Canyon Reds and Oranges, Chesapeake Bay gray, and many others.

Thirst Wine Bar {Clay Walls}

A commercial bathroom is given a much needed make-over with the help of clay walls. It is in a Porcilina finish with a natural pigment that brings the warth of the desert into the cloudiness of the the Northwest. Using clay has numerous advantages for both you and the planet.Non-toxic and free from Volotile Organic Compounds (VOC's)Mold resistant and breathes with humidityEasy to repair and maintains its beauty over time

Thirst Wine Bar {expansion + renovation}

The Cellar is an event space for Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro on the SW water front esplanade in Portland, Oregon. Combining earthen walls with reused wine crates to produce a cozy gathering space for meals, meetings, and drinks. Working closely with the owners kept this project within its strict budget and time line.

Thompson House {Bathroom}

A once barely usable bathroom was created into a calming, fashionable space! A large closet was turned into a shower room with its own interior lights and stained glass window. The rolling door was created out of salvaged hardware and plexiglass. An earthen clay was applied to the restroom walls to help absorb moisture and releases it back throughout the day. The clay also saved many hours worth of needed wall repair.